Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Bighorn Sheep

We have four different types of Bighorn Sheep available for hunting at The Killebrew Ranch. They are the Corsican, Black Hawaiian, Painted Desert and Texas Dall.


The Corsican Ram is a hybrid sheep resulting from the initial cross-breeding of a Mouflon Sheep and Barbados Blackbelly. This hybrid sheep originated in Texas and tend to quickly herd together when startled, so setting your sights on this prize can be challenging. Rams can reach up to 160 pounds, whereas ewes reach up to 90 pounds. Coloring can vary from brown to tan to a reddish palette.


The Black Hawaiian’s history is one that is a bit of a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is the prize that this sheep’s coat and horns brings to the hunter. Males tend to weigh close to 150 pounds and their horns can grow up to 40 inches long. Female Black Hawaiian’s don’t typically don horns. As the sheep’s name would suggest, their coat is black.

Painted Desert

The Painted Desert sheep is a hybrid between the Merino, the Texas Blackbelly, and the Mouflon with Rambouillet. It was originated on Texas game ranches. Males reach between 75 to 200 pounds, with a wide difference due to the influence of the different breeds. Males can present with a variety of horn types, with homonymous being the most common. The Painted Desert sheep can be any color, with numerous color combinations and patterns possible.

Texas Dall

The Texas Dall sheep are a hybrid cross between Mouflon ewes and Rambouillet rams. Texas Dall sheep weigh between 80 and 160 pounds. The horns of the males can weigh up to 30 pounds and be up to 28 to 38 inches in length. The coat of the Texas Dall is highly sought after due to its white appearance.


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