What To Expect

Hunting with The Killebrew Ranch

When guests book lodging, they will be scheduled to arrive after lunch on the first day of their hunting experience. The staff here at The Killebrew Ranch will help get the guests situated into the accommodations at the lodge as swiftly as possible. After settling in, hunters will have the opportunity to practice shooting at our rifle range. This will give them the opportunity to make sure the rifles are sighted in and ready to go. When finished we will head out on the first hunt! Here at The Killebrew Ranch, we promise a hunt that centers around the customer and their needs as we do not mix hunting parties.

Guests get to enjoy two meals per day plus transportation to and from their stand. All the skinning, caping, and quartering of the animal will be done by us as well.

At The Killebrew Ranch, we have large and spacious shooting houses for the whole family. Making it a wonderful hunting event for the children, maybe looking to get their first animal, and the more experienced adults.

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