Exotic Hunting

Exotic Hunting

Hunting exotic non-native species has become a popular sport in the United States and around the world. Many of these hunts currently take place in Texas on large acreage ranches. The Texas properties hunts are done in open ranges and mountain regions with typically a spot and stalk hunting strategy. The whole idea behind spot and stalk hunting is to spot an animal you want, then move in undetected for a shot. Here at The Killabrew Ranch we offer the same type of exotic hunt that many have enjoyed in Texas but with a different twist. In comparison to the open fields and moutain territory in Texas, the terrain here in Lextington Mississippi is wooded and hilly, making the smaller fenced-in acreage seem much larger. The challenges of hunting an exotic in the woods of Mississippi is a different and exciting experience that you will not want to miss.

The Killebrew Ranch has two properties to hunt from, each one with slightly different terrain and species. One property has a forest with uneven ground, thick trees, high hills, and deep ravines right next to open lanes that follow the ravines. The other property has a level ground with an abundant forest and wide fields. Each property offers the potential for a hunt that is unique and challenging for each individual hunter.  

In these types of environments, you can spot and stalk or sit in a shooting house or tree stand.  Depending on the species, we will strive to help you find what is best for a successful hunt.


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