Our Story

Welcome to The Killebrew Ranch

The Killebrew Ranch story began over ten years ago when Bryan and his buddy went to Texas for a hunting trip. When arriving to their destination, they were terribly disappointed. The only person they could find on the property did not speak English, and the lodge was in horrible condition. 

A few years later, Bryan again attempted to go to another Texas ranch on a hunt.  

This trip was as equally disappointing as the first when upon arriving at the gate of the property, they saw a bunch of people, all scheduled to hunt on the property at the same time. Bryan and his hunting partner canceled that trip and returned home again empty-handed.

These two experiences remained with Bryan for years to come, and he began to recognize he knew more about how to host a hunting experience than the two previous establishments did. 

After dreaming and researching the possibility of having a Ranch of His own, The Killebrew Ranch was born.

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