What Our Clients Say

Recently I was looking for an Axis Deer hunt which I thought I would probably have to do in Texas. A friend of mine was checking several ranches and stuff out there and he got back with me and asked would I be interested in going to Mississippi. I said yes because it would be a lot closer to home and a lot shorter drive. So, he put me in contact with Bryan and Kristy Killebrew at the Killebrew Ranch down in Mississippi. After several text messages and phone calls we got the hunt set up. From the time I showed up at the ranch that morning till I left I felt like I was hunting with old friends. It was a very beautiful ranch. Great skinning faculties. Had anything you could ask for in a hunting lodge. We started out that morning and got in the stand early. Saw several Axis Deer and some good bucks but just not the one I was looking for from what I had seen in the pictures. After the morning hunt we went out and did some spot and stalk hunt and, again, saw lot of Axis Deer and saw a lot of rams. Even a couple bucks that I probably should have shot but Bryan and Kristy wanted to make sure it’s what I wanted. Around afternoon we went back out and got back in the shooting house. At 5:10pm I finally got him. Overall, it was a great experience. I couldn’t ask for better guides or better facilities. I will definitely be going back hunting with them again and I would highly recommend if you’re looking for an exotic animal hunt give Bryan and Kristy a call at Killebrew Ranch in Lexington Mississippi.
Brad Hopkins
Real Estate Developer
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